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Children of God    

The Children of God are conceived in a process where there is a gene’s optimization of the ovules’ and spermatozoids’ cells. In the
process, genes with defects are discarded. The genes that remain after the defects are filtered out, are cleaned up of other minor
disturbances. The ovules and spermatozoids are taken from frozen banks where they are kept without a trace to their donors.  The
conception: formation of the zygote -fusion of ovule’s and spermatozoid’s cells, is done in a lab environment. The zygote may then
develop in a surrogate mother or in a lab environment.  Since there are not identifiable biological parents, they are known as
“Children of God”. The purpose of having Children of God is the betterment of the Homo sapiens species. They are considered to
be the epitome of the optimal path for evolution.  

As an adaptation of the Children of God’s genes optimization procedures to specific parents, large quantities of ovules or Germinal
Vesicles (GV) and spermatozoids are extracted from them in large quantities. The genes are then screened, optimized and finally
used to do fertilization in vitro. Once conceived, the zygote is implanted in the mother’s womb. This way, since the parents are
known, they are called “personal” Children of God.

parallelon waves

The parallelon are the smallest and fastest waves in the parallel dimension of reality; smaller than the gamma rays and faster than
the speed of light in the real dimension. The parallelon waves exist in a brane of their own, connected to the parallel dimension but
not to the real dimension.

Quantum strings are the smallest components in the real dimension. The parallelon waves are so small that compared with them,
the quantum strings are big. They are so small, that seem to be on the edge between being and not-being, the two dimensions of
God; as if they were and yet they were-not; as if they were-not and yet they were.

The parallelon waves, based on Rupturian technology, are used to speed up inter  galactic teleportation.


A soulstring is the fundamental component of the soul’s spiritual force in the Physical Layer of reality. Everything that exists in the
universe is basically composed of strings. Without strings there is no physical manifestation. The soul needs a physical component
to manifest in the physical world. This component is formed by soulstrings. The soulstrings are created in a continuous process.
The soul is not a substance but the result of this continuous process of soulstrings creation.      

soul transplantation or soul transplant operation

Soul transplantation from one body to another by physically transplanting the brain, or the magnetic and chemical recordings in the
brain. The procedure was developed by Helen Herr, using Rupturian technology.

soul transfiguration

Process of disintegrating the body while converting the spiritual energy of the soul into Human soulstrings.  In the process, trillions
of soulstrings are separated from the body and concentrated into individual entities that resembles tiny spheres of light.  

The term was coined by Al Herr I, the Biological. The procedure of soul transfiguration was developed by Al Herr III, the Spiritual,
using Rupturian technology.

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Al Herr

The Rupturian theme is rich in new concepts.

Do you know that as everything in our universe is ultimately composed of strings,   

our souls also have a physical component made of soulstrings?
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